ul. Gdyńska 26

The left side of the coast

1. The Western breakwater, similarly to the Eastern Breakwater, was built between 1818 and 1823. It is decorated with the beacon Water-mills (grinder, grinding-mills) "Młyny", the navigation mark in the shape of a windmill, the symbol of Swinoujscie, placed on the logo of the city. Many groups of tourists like this place especially. This is also a destination of many local trips.
The distance from the Youth Hostel - about 4.8 km.

2. The former Town Hall. The Town Hall was built in 1805 and it is the oldest redecorated building in the centre of the town. Nowadays, the Museum of Sea Fishery has the residence there. The Musem has got an enormous collection of "treasures" connected mostly with the picturesque sea nature, Deep-sea fishery as well as the history of the town itself and the whole region. Tourists who come here should see a splendid collection of postcards of Swinoujscie dating back to the First World War or even before those times.
The distance from the Youth Hostel - about 1.5 km.


3. West Batterie Fort The West Batterie Fort is surrounded by the moat and it was build between 1848 and 1880, in the following years having been redecorated and modernized several times. One of the front doors of the building (one of the entrance gate), leading from the Spa Park, had the drawbridge.
The distance from the Youth Hostel - about 4 km.

4. he Angel Fort the most picturesque rotundate bastion. The Angel Fort was built between 1855 and 1858, and its shape resembles the one of Hadrian Mausoleum in Rome (presently the Castle of Saint Angel). The monumental gate with 5-metre battlemented pillars.
The distance from the Youth Hostel - about 3.5 km.

5. The Church of Jesus King Built between 1788 and 1792 at the place of the Gothic building. In the 1881 there was built the tower overviewing the centre of the city. Inside the church there is, among others, a woden model of corvette attached to the wall under the ceiling dating from 1814 as well as the monumental organ dating from 1803. This musical instrument, redecorated between 1834 and 1838, was rebuilt in 1927 by Steinmeyer, the great master.Nowadays there are above 2000 organ pipes inside the church organ. The most interesting fact is that the longest organ-pipe is 5,5 metre long. The unforgettable performances taking place in the church from the half of May to the half of September on Saturday nights are "the Organ Nights of Swinoujscie".
The distance from the Youth Hostel - about 1.5 km.