ul. Gdyńska 26

The right side of the coast

6. The lighthouse is 68 metres high and possesses 300 stairs. It is the highest building at the Baltic coast and, at the same time, it is one of the highest building of this type in the world. The range of the lighthouse is 25 sea miles. The top of the lighthouse is overviewing the town of Swinoujscie, the Pomorska Gulf and the Szczeciński Bay. There is a department of the Lantern Museum and the sea life-guard.
The distance from the Youth Hostel - about 8 km.


7. Gerhards Fort XIX-century Eastern Artillery Fort, named Gerhard Fort with the characteristic caponiers coming straight into the moat. They were built between 1848-1859 and 1877. In our part of Europe, Gerhard Fort is one of the best examples of the fortification coming from those times. Nowadays it is opened to the public. There are also many cultural performances there. In the Eastern Fort there is a residence of the Prussian commander, his tutor and the herd of goats. Tourists are admitted here by students wearing Prussian uniforms.
The distance from the Youth Hostel - about 7.6 km.

8. Karsibór Hillock the reservation of the National Society of Preservation of Birds. At the area of 180 ha there was created a private ornithological reservation with the equipment needed to observe birds. This place is unique and special. It is a paradise for ornithologists. Almost 150 species of birds have their nests here, among others, water-mud birds. Furthermore, several species of birds are here observed in autumn and winter. Some of them are unique on the European scale, for example, osprey, golden eagle, corncrake or meddow harrier. It is also one of the most precious area of the existence of vacuole.
The distance from the Youth Hostel - about 14 km.

9. The monumental, Gothic Church of the Immaculate Conception It was built in the XVth century. Inside the church there is the Gothic Altar, the baroque pulpit and the model of caravel given by sailors. The elevation is decored by the modest blind windows, flying buttresses and neogothic tower, the latter one built in 1826. In 1630 the Sweden King, Carol Gustaf, Adolf II was the special guest of this presbytery, therefore the church is surrounded by the magnificient trees of King Gustaf Adolf. This church is the oldest and the most precious monument of Swinoujscie.
The distance from the Youth Hostel - about 12 km.

10. The U-boot basin The former port basin of Kriegsmarine situated in the artificial gulf of Swina the base of submarines of the IVth School Fleet from Szczecin, the cutters and ferries 8AF-Flotille. Nowadays it is the place where anglers like to spend their time and, also the destination point of paddles.
The distance from the Youth Hostel - about 8.5 km.