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The School Youth Hostel in Swinoujscie would like to invite you all year round!!!

We would like to inform you that we have a lodging basis in the brick house (140 beds in double rooms, rooms for three, four, five and six persons). Our hostel guests have at their disposal a self-service kitchen (there are 2 electric cookers altogether with the basic equipment; cups, plates, jugs, knives, forks, tea-spoons, kettles, pots; you can also have the possibility of keeping certain food products in the fridges); there are also two dining-rooms with 25 seats in each of them, a TV room, TV sets in the separated rooms, the newly-redecorated sanitation rooms including showers on each floor. We would also like to inform that we could help in mediation with representatives of travel offices and persons responsible for trips organization. We are sorry, but there is not a restaurant or a canteen in our hostel. Therefore, the full board should be in our guests individual capacity, but you can make use of the self-service kitchen situated downstairs or in some friendly bars or restaurants. All the information needed is provided in the reception office by one of our employees. There is also a possibility of making use of the parking-space just near the hostel within the enclosure.

The successful holiday at the seaside resort of Świnoujście

One of the major attractions in Świnoujście is the awesome beach, the area of which is estimated up to 10 kilometres. This beautiful beach, being popular among both tourists and inhabitants of the town, extends up to 5,7 kilometres at the Uznam Island as well as 6 kilometres at the Wolin Island.

One of the most astonishing aspects connected with its charm is the very fact that the beach is broadened in its area year by year. This happens due to the constant withdrawal of the Baltic Sea. This unique phenomenon makes the swimming resort in Świnoujście become shallow.

The realisation of the 'Green School Youth Hostel' Project in Świnoujście


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