Świnoujście with its most attractive qualities - not only in summer!
We have a great pleasure to invite you - our honorable guests - to visit Świnoujście - one of the most attractive towns of the Polish sea coast.
  Although the town is located on 44 islands, it is Uznam, Wolin and Karsibor that are the most crucial and distinctive islands - concentrating the very existence of their inhabitants thus being distinctive in their urban features from all the other islands.
  Each of these islands has its own but major and unique character of its own. One can admire the insular location of Świnoujście while reaching the last set of steps in the highest lighthouse not only at our coast but also in Europe.
  The town authorities can also be proud of the convenient ferry connections between Świnoujście and countries such as: Sweden, Denmark and border German towns, i.e. : Ahlbeck and Heringsdorf (The White Fleet).
  These are the reasons for which for which Świnoujście is an ideal area for short trips to Scandinavia and Germany which is the very attraction for tourist.
  Futhermore, one who wants to go cycling can find no obstacles to do this. One can make use of hundreds - kilometers - cycling paths.
  For those who are amateurs of flying (who are crazy about flying) we would like to offer two airports: the first one situated in Goleniów (about 67 kilometers from Świnoujście) and the second one in Heringsdorf (12 km from Świnoujście - in Germany)
  If you want to have a rest from the traffic, you would find it while walking along the beach - another attraction of Świnoujście. It is the widest beach in Poland and probably the most beautiful one - a perfect destination for those who want to take sunbathing during the summer season but also for those tourists who find it a pleasure to walk along the coast.
  Świnoujście is famous for its many cultural and entertainment events, especially in summer, such as the following: WIATRAK and FAMA 
Individual guests from Poland and foreigners
Rooms for 
5 persons 
person/per night
Rooms for 
4 persons 
person/per night
Rooms for 
3 persons 
person/per night
Rooms for 
2 persons 
person/per night
Rooms for
 1 persons 
person/per night
Rooms for
 2 persons with bathroom
Teachers (also those retired), students and young people at school age with their identity card, or individual guests from Poland and foreigners 40 zł 44 zł 52 zł 54 zł 58 zł 170 zł
Other guests: both foreigners and guests from Poland 42 zł 48 zł 54 zł 56 zł 62 zł 170 zł

Our guests are asked to pay in cash only ( Polish zlotys only). 
We do not accept cards. The hostel night starts at 5 o'clock p.m. and finishes at 10 o'clock a.m. next day. 
In the Youth Hostel one must keep silent from 10 o'clock p.m. to 6 o'clock a.m. 
Before leavin the Youth Hostel (even for short exursions downtown) guests are obliged to leave the room keys at the reception desk. 
Thank you.

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